Mitta doo’n khud ko

No Life Without Khalifa



Buhut kamal hain batain teri

Gar ijazat to chura lo in ko

Buhut dilferaib hain ankhain teri

Gar ijazat to chupa lo khud ko

Buhut rulati’n hain yadain teri

Gar ijazat to bhula do in ko

Buhut khubro hain rangat teri

Gar ijazat to ranga lo khud ko

Buhut saada hai tabiyat teri

Gar ijazat to apna lo is ko

Buhut pursoz hain duain teri

Gar ijazat to mila lo mujh ko

Buhut paak hai sohbat teri

Gar ijazat to bula lo mujh ko

Buhut udaas hain shamain meri

Gar ijazat to che’hka do inko

Buhut andhari hain ratain meri

gar ijazat to chamka do in ko

Aye Khalifa teri har aada hi hai barkat wali

Day ijazat tujh me mitta do khud ko

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